Cat Furniture Made from Cat’s Favorite Material!

Anikitty products are made from “Super Cardboard”, an unique material made from recycled paper. Super cardboard is bonded with multiple layers of corrugated paper. It has similar strength as wooden board, but much more eco-friendly, lighter, and less toxic.

Super cardboard has been named as GBoard  and worldwide distributed to more than 10 countries since 2008.
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We have 40 year experience in paper products manufacturing. 10 years ago, we invented super cardboard, a kind of strong and flat furniture panels made from recycled paper (we also called it GBoard), and distributed this material to more than 10 countries. In 2016, we started to use this material on cat products. We try to integrate furniture and cat products with our patented material and help cat owners to live with their lovely cats more happily and closely.

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